Long time

September 3, 2011

Why do some people do things that are totally wrong and could (no, definitely infringe) on others?  For instance, getting up at a public dinner (that the attendees paid for) and saying a prayer in Jesus Christ’s name.  A prayer for peace or health is appropriate - invoking a name is not.

I really dislike intensely that the days are getting shorter.  I do not mind rain, or clouds, but days shortening is just wrong.

It’s funny to see what people email to me and think I will laugh or appreciate.  The actual email is not funny, interesting or clever - and I wonder about those who sent it to me.

Random thoughts

August 6, 2011 Time flies - a statement everyone makes. But - I can remember when time was not really flying by - childhood. I was four, then 12 months later (it seemed to me) I was finally 4 and 1/4, then forever later 4and 1/2.  How important and more grown up it felt to add those extra numbers after the exact age number.  Now, at my age the days really seem to fly by - and with great speed.  And some people subtract numbers from their actual ages. This past week, my daughter called and said in our conversation “did I know what day it was?”, of course, I knew.  It was my father’s birthday.  My daughter said, “Grandpa would have been 100 years old today!” Where has the time gone!!!

I love the dog days of summer - actually I just love summer.  Extended daylight - relaxation, time to read those books I haven’t been able to get to all winter long, being able to attack the weeds and cut the overgrown bushes.  Sitting outside in the early evening and enjoying the sunset. Not being able to take my dog on a long walk because she gets too overheated or its raining or we get caught in the rain the moment we step outside.  Pepper (my dog) loves to walk - problem - in this heat she gets really hot - and when we finally get home, she almost lies in her water dish to cool off.


July 24, 2011

Minding my own business - stop due to traffic in front of me has stopped - always leave room between my car and car in front of me - BANG!!!!!! - get hit by car behind me.  Crash knocks my shoe off and I need to quickly brake becuase I am rolling into car in front of me.  Stop - call 911 and report accident.  Find my shoe.  Knocking on my window - driver from car behind - wants to know if I am alright.  I am.  Just shocked - so we pull over to get out of traffic.  Exchange info.  Police arrive - It is an aide - who takes all our info - when she returns says she is not citing driver of car who hit me??????????????  Nothing I can do about this.  Result??  Now in hands of my insurance complay - and I have to incur cost of my deductible (luckily a very low one) plus percentage of rental car.  Goog News - I am fine - just some minor back aches easily handled with a heating pad.

I guess bad luck is better than no luck!!!!!


July 17, 2011

It is so nice to visit with family.  Seems all my first cousins on the maternal side have relocated to South Florida and we have connected.  Spending time to gether - catching up on our lives today, meeting the next generation, and the next, has been wonderful.

Last week we all got together again with just the over 55 group.  So pleasant to share mutual memories.  Also great to to just be together again.  to be comfortable with each other nad just talk.

My hope is to keep on meeting and just being together again.

Be One In A Million Not One Of A Million: In Response To : "The Case Of The Disappearing Keys" ( A Lois Schwartz Dilema)

Losing a Friend

July 11, 2011 - Went to the funeral this past week of a very dear friend.  She was the nicest person - humorous, friendly, happy and extremely truthful.  I shall truly miss her!


July 11, 2011 - Found my keys!  Friend calls me Thursday evening (same one who drove me two weeks agao and really searched his car) am coming to your house now, we have a present for you.  I immediately protested I did not need any presents from them - he replied this one you do.  My keys were found by them - no one had been in the passenger seat of that car - and this evening when one sat in seat and closed the door - something rattled in the door.  On checking - in the door handle were my keys.  I must have put them there when I got into the car, and put my seat belt on and completely forgot about it.

Oh, well, mystery solved. Keys returned.  I am a Happy Camper!

The World according to Lois

July 1st - how fast the world is moving.  Lost keys.  I have never lost keys - misplaced YES.  But they always turn up or I remember where I have put (misplaced) them.  But not last night.  I know I took the keys off the key hook - I went outside to wait for my ride - looked at my bushes (in front of my house) saw some dead leaves. I usually put my keys in my pants pocket - did not think about it.  Got picked up - met other friends.  Sat and talked and enjoyed company.  Driven home - get to front door - no keys in pockets.  Okay - so they are in purse - no keys.  Front door unlocked.  Dog greets me.  Call friend who drove - explain no key situation - checks car - no keys.  Call other friend - he had paid with credit card - I need restaurant name - better, he has phone number.  I call - no keys found.  Daylight, search the lawn - no keys.  Bushes - no keys.  Have to call place where I am volunteering ansd supposed to open up to get someone else to come in and open.  Spent morning being teased. Got duplicate keys, lots of teasing - result - still have no idea where my keys are or why I did not lock my front door.

The World According To Lois

June 25, 2011

Weekends - why do people overextend themselves on weekends.  Schedule things to do that end up exhausting them both mentally and physically.  Why can’t we say NO?  I am guilty of doing exactly that and then feeling grouchy and put upon.  I could have just said No, without an excuse, and felt fine, or maybe just felt a little (lot) guilty.

When I promise to call someone back, I usually call them back.  Why can’t other people do the same?

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